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17-Aug-2023: First day of Year 4 at ASU, out from under my "probationary" period and officially working toward tenure. Submitting grants and really, really hoping one of these gets funded soon.

13-Aug-2023: Returned from the World Aquatics (formerly FINA) World Master's Championships for water polo, which were held in Kyushu, Japan. Jetlagged and exhausted, but with a third place medal.

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Nov 2023: Giving a talk to a broad DBER audience at North Dakota State University (Fargo, ND)

Nov 2023: Giving a talk and providing a teaching workshop at IUPUI (Indianapolis, IN)

Feb 2024: RUME conference, which will be in Omaha, NB for the second year. New location for 2026-27 TBD.

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